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Videographer filming a boat passing by.

Video Production

Video experiences are a powerful tool to engage and motivate your audience. By combining visuals, sound, and storytelling, you can create a compelling message that resonates with your viewers and inspires them to take action.


Whether you're promoting a product, sharing your brand story, or educating your audience, video is a versatile and effective medium that can help you achieve your goals. Let's work together to create a video experience that captures your message and engages your audience.

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Production team shown filming a commercial

3 Stages of Video Production


+ Video goals/strategy

+ Budget

+ Determine Deliverables 

+ Storyboarding

+ Project deadline

+ Talent/spokesperson

+ Wardrobe

+ Production Team

+ Equipment needed 

+ Location


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Video Production

+ Setting up for shoot/

  Sound, Lights, Camera

+ Organizing Crew

+ Managing talent

+ Prepare wardrobe

+ Props for set

+ Shooting footage 

+ Capturing B-roll

+ Wrap 

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+ Log & back up footage

+ Video editing

+ Graphics & Text

+ Animations

+ Music preferences

+ Revisions 

+ Client Approvals

+ Final Delivery

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