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Regal Boating Photography

Boat & Yacht  Photography 

Images and videos should be at the helm of your brand.

They demand attention, instill trust, and invite customers to take a closer look.

Our highly experienced boat photography team provides full service photo and video production under one roof. We know all the ins and outs of what it takes to safely and successfully create the best boat photography for telling your brand's story. Whether you need boating lifestyle photos for a catalog or 4K drone video footage of your newest model for your website. We have all the tools and know how to inspire your customer to take action and interact with your brand.

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Bill Doster Photography filming underwater
Heyday_Boat Photography
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The best boat photography will bring life to your brand's personality and character. We strive to make your products convey emotion, power and meaning through the use of dramatic lighting and memorable moments on the water. 

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Whether it's your flagship model looking its best on the water or a factory tour.  Our video team has got your brand covered from bow to stern with modern high resolution 4K stabilized cameras and all the industry secrets of what it takes to make your boats look their very best. 

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We offer dramatic aerial imagery with the latest high resolution drones at an affordable price. All of our FAA part 107 licensed drone pilots are highly experienced to capture the best boat photos and video for all your marketing and social media needs.

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Let us handle your entire project. 

Our Production staff will take care of all the details, from locations, marinas & lodging to wardrobe, talent and food.

Three Production stages:

  1.Pre-production: Planning, scripting &                            storyboarding, etc.

  2.Production:      The actual shooting.   

  3.Post-production: Everything between                              production and final                              delivery.

Boat Photography Gallery

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